Here, you will find a splendid range of local dishes done to perfection so that you will not only delight in the taste of Singapore flavours, but also experience the joys of how Singaporeans absolutely relish having their food on this foodie paradise island.
Ma Mum. The sound of that in a local Singaporean lingo would mean 'mum mum'. It is no doubt many of us grew up with that unique expression. Though to those who have never been to Singapore, one would immediately guess this would intend 'Mothers'. But in the popular Singapore lingo, it just simply implies an invitation 'to eat'. It is of a unique significance to how it name, 'Ma Mum came about. 

'Ma' to where the delicious traditional local foods are served, and 'Mum' to where people gather, to dine and rest, or for their 'everybody' social activities. 

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